What TEI is? – based on What is the Text Encoding Initiative? written by Lou Bernard

DeLab Talks inviting for PhD Joanna Bilinska lecture:

<What TEI is?> – based on What is the Text Encoding Initiative? written by Lou Bernard



Next Wedensday 20th May at 4 pm.

55/56 Dobra Street, Warsaw

UW Library, 315 lounge, III-rd floor


The lecture will be dedicated coding text standard – TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) as one of the important aspect of the Digital Humanities. XXI Century brings dynamic development, ICT (Information and Comunications Technology) which caused a lot of changes in a lot of fields of science also in the Humanities. Based on fragments texts coded in TEI semantic marking will be presented. The second part will be devoted function information technologies and other interdisciplinary abilities in modern humanistic researches.

PhD Joanna Bilinska – graduate of Polish Studies and Slavistics Cultural Studies on the Univesity of Warsaw; associate professor in the Formal Linguistics Faculty at University of Warsaw; PhD achieved on UW Neofilology Faculty based on dissertation Analysis and lexicography description for digitalisation purposes of Linde Lexicon. Her area of research is lexicography, digitalisation and usage, IT tools in linguistic.

A lecture was a part of series lecture, conference and workshops titled: DELab Talks organised by DELab UW.

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