Digital humanities – revulationry in research practise

Digital Huamanities: projects, researchers, project together with DeLab UW invites for Andrzej Radomski prelection:

Digital humanities – revulationry in research practise

Monday 11th May 2015 extra ordinary at 6 pm

UW Library, 315 lounge, III-rd floor

55/56 Dobra Street, Warsaw

Big Data problem; digitalisation of the past; end of Universities?; open science; third culture; visual narratives; Digital humanities as experimental science; XXI Century as data base

Prof. Andrzej Radomski – graduated in history and cultural studies; professor on Lublin Maria Curie-Sklodowska (UMCS) University; Director of Cultur Theory and Science Methodology Faculty on UMCS; Lecturer on Academia Electronica in Second Life; author of 5 monographs and over 100 articles about: Cyberculture, postmodernity society, digital humanities and methodology of research in history. Author of books:: Culture-True-Cognition, Culture-Text-Historiography, Science-Internet-History, Humanities in informationalism era; Managing Editor of the Culture and History magazine, science online portal Knowledge and Education ( and publishing E-scientist ( Member of the Scientific Board of the DARIAH Project.

A lecture was a part of series lecture, conference and workshops titled: Digital Humanities: Project, People, Theory organised by DELab UW.

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