Digital Humanities in German Univristy Curricula

Digital Huamanities: projects, researchers, project together with DeLab UW invites for prof. Andreas Witt (Institut Fur Deutsche Sprache, Mannheim) prelections:

at 5 pm Digital Humanities in German Univristy Curricula

Prof. Andreas Witt will give an overview of the role that Digital Humanities play in the academic curriculum in Germany, from the beginnings in the 1990s to the current state.


at 6 pm Metadata-related Standarts: TEI Header and CMDI

In this talk, Andreas Witt will sketch the standardization landscape of various metadata initiatives, as seen from the point of view of CLARIN. He will focus on the highly successful TEI Header on the CLARIN way to assure the proper semantic interpretation of the description containers, namely the Component Metadata Infrastructure CMDI (ISO 24622-1).

as complement to prof. Witt prelections, at 7 pm PhD Piotr Banski will provide turtortial: Matadata Standarts

Number of participiants limited. For sign in please send e-mail request on Registrasion closes in 23rd November. To take part in workshops notebook with at least trial version of oXygen Editor software and on-line browser (Chrome, Firefox, Chromium) will be necessary.

During workshops parts of CLARIN infrastructure which is responsible for managing metadata (both formal and analytical) will be presented. Basic training in use editors: CMDI, ISOcat, Virtual Language Observatory as well as TEI tools and oXygen editor if wll be enough time.

Monday 24th November 2014 – first prelection at 5 pm

UW Main Campus, Old Mathematic Centre building, lounge 106.

26/28 Nowy Świat Street, Warsaw

Prof. Adreas Witt – has worked and lectured in the areas of a. o. Text Technology and Digital Humanities at the University of Bilenfeld and Tubingen. In 2009, he became Head of the newly create a Research Infrastructure Group at the Insitute of the German Language (IDS) in Mannheim. He also chairs the CLARIN Standards Committee and is a conventor of both the TEI Special Interest Group *TEI for Linguists* and the ISO Working Group on Linguistic Annotation. In 2014, he was appointed Honorary Professor in Digital Humanities at the Univeristy of Heildelberg.

PhD Piotr Banski – assistant professor in the Institute of English Studies UW (2000 – 2013); Senior Researcher in the Institut fur Deutsche Sprache Mannheim (2011-); Coordinator of the Project KorAP, elected member of the TEI Technical Council (2011-2012); Digital Humanities expert in DELab UW.

A lecture was a part of series lecture, conference and workshops titled: Digital Humanities: Project, People, Theory organised by DELab UW.

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