Digital Humanities – selected examples

Digital Huamanities: projects, researchers, project together with DeLab UW invites for prof. Janusz S Bien prelection:

Digital Humanities – selected examples

Monday 3rd November 2014 at 5 pm

UW Main Campus, Old Mathematic Centre building, lounge 106.

26/28 Nowy Świat Street, Warsaw

During prelection present will be humanities digital sources: Dictionary of Polish Language PAN (Polish Academy of Science) – available online in limited access, Polish Dictionary of 16 centuries, Digital Dictionary of Polish Language 17 and 18 century, Geographical Dictionary of the Kingdom of Poland and other Slavic countries. The other type of sources, like morphological analysers for Polish language will be presented. Law aspects of publishing that types of sources will be also mentioned.

Prof. Jan S Bien –linguist and IT specialist, currently working on digitalisation of dictionaries published as dual-layer corpuses (

A lecture was a part of series lecture, conference and workshops titled: Digital Humanities: Project, People, Theory organised by DELab UW.

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