What is the Text Encoding Initiative? (And how did it get to be that way?)

Digital Huamanities: projects, researchers, project together with DeLab UW invites for Lou Bernard prelection:

What is the Text Encoding Initiative? (And how did it get to be that way?)

What is th Text Encoding Initiative?

Monday 26th January 2015 at 5 pm

UW Main Campus, Old Mathematic Centre building, lounge 106.

26/28 Nowy Świat Street, Warsaw

The Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) was born in the period before the existence of World Wide Web, or even the Channel Tunnel, but in a historical context which has determined much of what we now take for granted. In this talk I will try to trace how its evolution has both determined and been determined by the ongoing confrontation between technological development and humanities scholarship. I will argue that the TEIrepresents one the first and perhaps among the most significant scholarly multinational collaborations to have been facilitated by the internet, and that its current organisation reflects the best hope we have for the community based development.

As a complementation at 6 30, Joanna Blinska will introduce Lou Bernard book – What is the Text Encoding Initiative? How to add intelligent markup to digital resources?, which has been translated by her. She will also present example of the TEI use.

Lou Bernard – obtain his master degree in English studies on Oxford Univeristy; for many years he has been vice-director, Oxford Univeristy Computing Services; in 2011, he retired early and currently he is working in France as a consultant; Since 70 he has been involved in IT and philology researches; He is responsible for a lot of a humanities project like Oxford Text Archives or Arts and Humanities Data Serice. He is famous as the founder of TEI on which he is still working as chair of IT Committee.

A lecture was a part of series lecture, conference and workshops titled: Digital Humanities: Project, People, Theory organised by DELab UW.

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Wioletta A. Miskiewicz (2015, 26 janvier). What is the Text Encoding Initiative? (And how did it get to be that way?). HyperTwardowski/Cahier métanumérique. Consulté le 1 mars 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/prvn

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