The Onlife Manifesto. Being Human in a Hyperconnected Era

As initiative of the European Commission an international interdisciplinary team of scientists the Onlife Initiative, headed by Luciano Floridi was created under the EC activities in Research & Innovation sector (more precisely: Public Engagement) in 2012. The team undertook an initiative whose aim is to analyze the epistemological problems connected with the analysis of digital revolution.  Under the European Commission, a strategy called « Europa 2020 » was supposed to create conditions which would make it possible for Europe to recover from the economic crisis and come back to the economic growth. One of the conditions to implement this ambitious plan was to be the Digital Single Market.

It was during the inauguration meeting of DG Connect (the European Commission Directorate General for Communications, Networks, Content & Technology) on 8 February 2013, in Brussels, that «  Onlife Manifesto » was first published.

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Wioletta A. Miskiewicz (2018, 10 juin). The Onlife Manifesto. Being Human in a Hyperconnected Era. HyperTwardowski/Cahier métanumérique. Consulté le 26 mai 2024, à l’adresse

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