Projet éLV

The éLV Project * linked to website  created according to the terms of the convention signed on July 22nd 2005 in Warsaw by the Polish Academy of Sciences, the University of Paris (Paris 1) and the Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), concerning the “collaboration for the digitalization and the scientific operating and development of the archives of the Lvov-Warsaw School”. The éLV Project website hosts the online digitalized manuscripts, developed the editorial activity related to these manuscripts and developed the scientific activity devoted to all aspects of the Twardowski school. The éLV editing and translation will provide XML/TEI files.

It is the first French-Polish project in the field of digital arts and humanities. In 2014-2015, Wioletta A. Miskiewicz, the head of Project éLV actively worked for the preparation of the candidature of Poland as a member of DARIAH.

Created at the IHPST ( UMR 8590, Paris) the project moved (2017) to the Archives Poincaré in (UMR 7117, Nancy) and will undergo significant transformation: migration of contents on Omeka, creation of two blogs (Pragmaties Cahier éLV :  and HyperTwardowski Cahier métanumérique : ) and the development of a platform for crowdsourcing online transcription.

*éLV  is acronym for the French name of Lvov-Warsaw School

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